Let the confessions begin

Renting a car is very different from owning one. While owning is a rational decision that requires consideration of many long term factors such as maintenance and depreciation, renting is a spontaneous choice. Pick the car you want, drive it for couple days and return it.

But not all rental vehicles are created equal.

Taking into account costs, vehicles within the same category can be vastly different in terms of features, driving experience, practicality and ease of use. As frequent renters ourselves, we can imagine the stress of having to pick the car within the few minutes between arrival and getting on our way. Hence, we have developed a five evaluative categories from our rental experience for rental cars. From the seasoned traveler to the first time vacationer, we hope this will be a useful resource when choosing your next rental vehicle.


Rental cars are mile munchers. From long road trips to short hops, these cars are meant to be driven hard. Here at Car Confessions, we put our rentals through their paces in the city and on the highway. Looking for a canyon carver for the back roads, or a relaxing cruiser for the boulevard? This section has your answers.

Comfort and Convenience

We understand that you will be spending a good chunk of time in your rental car. As such, it is important that it has the necessary features that makes the drive up to the cottage that much easier. In this section, we highlight the frills or lack thereof in your next rental car.

Ease of Use

Our time is precious. Nobody wants to be sitting in the parking lot trying to figure out how to get into drive or switch radio stations. As vehicles pack more technology, the learning curve gets steeper. To save you time during your rental pick-up, we discuss the quirks of the vehicle in this section so you can be on your way faster.


We want you to bring everyone along for the fun. Which is why we compare the room (for humans, our furry friends, cargo or anything in between) and practicality of each rental to ensure you have the space to stretch out.

X Factor

Sometimes, we just want to have fun. Whether you are looking to stand out from the crowd, have that wind in your hair sensation or both, we have you covered with our take on some of the coolest (or not) cars on the lot. We recognize that this category is very subjective and so reader discretion is advised.

The Nitty-Gritty

To further aid in you in planning your next rental, we include a list of rental tidbits for each vehicle including the availability across major rental agencies, alternatives and other tips to get the best out of your rental experience.

Happy renting!


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